Shipment of operation cover up to go to Eastern Europe

Sách Hay Oct 27, 2011 No Comments

A group of Timaru knitters have been meeting once a week for the past ten years to create items to keep Eastern European children warm. About 24 women get together weekly and have a yarn, while they knit

a variety of items for the “little ones” at the Strathallan Lifecare community centre. They work under the banner of “operation cover up”, which was a collective of people from across New Zealand who knit rugs, hats, scarves and anything else that would keep a child warm, knitter June Leslie said. Over the past year, two women had managed to knit over a 100 hats each, she said, which was an incredible achievement. cheap nfl jerseys Those hats have contributed to the 18 “big” boxes being sent from the region to countries like Romania and Bulgaria. However, there was a modern day challenge with knitting, she said not having enough wool. Leslie said they used wool from second hand jerseys and donated wool, but both things were rapidly lessening in quantity, she said.

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