How to Dry Clean a Bed Comforter

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Professionally dry cleaning a comforter with the instructions Clean Only a couple times a year will keep it clean, fresh, and in good condition for many years. Dry cleaning yourself at home comes with some potential hazards, such as scorching or shrinking the fabric or filling. However, if your comforter is not an heirloom, not expensive, and replaceable, the convenience and money saved by dry cleaning it yourself may be worth the risk. Most home dry cleaning kits work similarly, but always follow the directions on the label for proper use. Put the bed comforter in the dry cleaning bag that came with the kit, unfold one of the dry cleaning cloths, and place it in the bag with the comforter. Zip up the bag. The comforter should be loose and free, not folded in the bag.canada goose The bag should be only half full, so if the bag is too small, put the comforter straight into the dryer, but use two dry cleaning cloths instead of one. Stick the bag (or comforter with two unfolded cloths) in the dryer and tumble dry on medium heat for 30 minutes. If your dryer is too small for your comforter, go to a laundromat and use one of the larger dryers. The dryer should have enough room for the comforter to tumble. How to Deglaze a Pan for Roasting Goose Hi, I’m Jennifer Cail. On behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you how to roast a Christmas goose. Now that we have siphon off the majority of fat from our pan it’s time to deglaze the little bit of pan juices that are left. So we are going to start out by adding just a little bit of chicken broth before we turn the pan on. So you can get if from a can a box or your homemade chicken broth either one will work. If you are only using a little bit at a time I really like having boxed chicken broth. So we are going to turn this on medium you don’t want it to high cause you don’t want to burn the brown bits that are still in the pan. But you also don’t want it to low cause you want to get a good temperature going. If you want to use a wooden spoon for scraping up the pieces if you use metal it’s going to scrap up your pan. So we are just going to be stirring the little bits into the chicken broth and as this heats up we are going to add some more

chicken broth. Depending on how much gravy you want the size of your dinner party and how many bits of brown pan juices are left in the pan. That will all determine how much chicken broth you are going to be using. Use your own sense of taste and smell to be able to tell when you have enough and when it’s time to stop. But for now we are going to keep this heated up and we are going to reduce it about half before the next step.

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