375 club giving locals the 411 on entertainment

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375 club giving locals the 411 on entertainment

In the Entertainment Capital of the World, the staid old Alexis Park hotel was never known for its entertainment.

In its heyday it was always a classy joint on Harmon Avenue, west of Paradise Road, that provided fine dining at the Pegasus and comfortable rooms and a place for meetings. There was a bar to have a quiet drink but entertainment was all but nonexistent.

When the Hard Rock opened down the street more than nine years ago, the lack of entertainment at the Alexis became even more glaring.

Van Halen helped owner Peter Morton turn the first spade of earth at the Hard Rock groundbreaking in 1994. King and countless other big name performers have been part of a steady stream of entertainment flowing through the Hard Rock and past the Alexis.

But things may be about to change.

Richard Alter bought the 500 suite Alexis and the adjacent 206 room Americana Apartments in May for $70 million and recently acquired 4.7 acres of vacant property behind the Americana for $10 million.cheap nfl jerseys

Alter has announced a $300 million project to develop a 28 story, 1,000 room hotel and a 70,000 square foot casino.

Construction of the newly named Alexis Resort won’t be completed until April 2007 but already there is entertainment in the hotel.

The 375 Supper Club, named after the venue’s street address on Harmon, opened recently and features DJ SugarCube.

SugarCube at the once stuffy Alexis?

The place could implode just from the shock.

But club managers Raul Machin and his partner, Brian Decherico, seem to know their stuff. Both have extensive backgrounds in nightclubs Decherico in New York and Machin in Vegas.

“We’re raising eyebrows,” said the 29 year old Machin, who has worked with clubs since he was 20.

Machin is the managing partner of RTM Entertainment, which runs the 375. Thursdays through Saturdays (when a full menu is available).

SugarCube is there Friday nights. There’s a remote radio broadcast Thursdays and Latin music Saturdays.

Machin and Decherico created the 375 Supper Club by combining an old bar and the Pegasus dining room and adding patio seating.

“We gutted the place,” Machin said.

While the rest of the hotel is undergoing construction and re construction, fans are partying at the 375.

“Brian and I put our minds together to figure out what would work here to attract more local people,” Machin said.

Competing with the high profile Hard Rock down the street might be tough, but Machin isn’t afraid of the big guy.

“We aren’t competing with the Hard Rock,” he said. “The club’s business is predominantly from the hotel out of town people.

“We might get some of their overflow business instead of them going to a Strip hotel they might come across the street to our place.”

But Machin is going after the local crowd.

“Locals are getting killed with the mega clubs,” Machin said. “They’re getting raked over the coals. They can’t afford to pay $800 for a table.”

By comparison, there is only a $20 cover for the 375.

“The average Joe just likes to go out with a couple of friends, sit and enjoy some music,” Machin said.

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